Repairing and replacing your brakes

Replacing and Repairing your brakes at Mr Clutch Autocentres

breakMr Clutch Company offers solutions to all your automobile brake needs. At Mr Clutch, we replace brakes of any vehicle make or model and we stock a wide collection of brakes of different shapes and sizes to allow you choose what suits you.

Our company knows the importance of a quick and quality service to your vehicle hence we work tirelessly to replace your brakes on the same day you seek our service. Our break replacement prices are fixed and are based on the engine size of your automotive hence we protect you from paying more for brake replacement and repair services.

The company offers the following brake related services:

Break maintenance service

breaksOur company usually advices vehicle users to check the brakes of their vehicles regularly because they are the most important components of vehicle servicing needs. We therefore insist on periodic brake inspection to avoid unfortunate situations on the road. The brakes of short distance vehicle users tend to wear out faster as compared to vehicles that travel for longer distance. Short journey vehicles are more prone to brake-relate breakdowns hence we always advice vehicle owners to periodically check their brake pads and replace or repair them when necessary.

Drivers can always know can always know that brakes are wearing out if the start making a grinding noise. This noised is cause by break pads which have been used up to their minimum thickness. A visit to Mr Clutch Autocentres ensures that your break is checked and any appropriate replacement or repair made. Another indicator that your vehicle breaks is a pull to the right or left when you break. When this happens, it means that possible sticking to the brake disks may have happened or there is a complication with the brake’s hydraulics. If your vehicle has these problems, we will help you replace the worn out brakes and guarantee your safety on the road.

Brake checkups

tiresAt Mr Clutch we perform brake checks to give you the true picture about your vehicle’s break conditions. Our experienced team then advices you on whether your vehicle needs a replacement of the brake pads, replacement of brake discs or you’re your vehicle requires a repair of the entire braking system. We perform brake checks depending on the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers and this ensures that we fit your brakes to the most efficient standards for a better service.
After doing brake replacement or repair to your vehicle, we test it to ensure effectiveness of our service. Our contact number allows customers who are stuck on the roads to reach us and get someone to fix their brake problem.

Other automotive services that go hand in hand with break repair and replacement e.g. clutch repair and replacement are also done in Mr Clutch autocenters to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. Mr Clutch privilege card helps to reward our loyal customers who periodically benefit from great discounts on break products free checking and servicing and free brake liquid from our autocenters.

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